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  • Product #: AN4006
  • Age Grade: 3 year +
  • Measurements: 7 x 5 x 6.5
  • Piece Count: 2


The Goblins
To the east of Tempest Hall lies The Black Hand Goblins, a gang of Goblins led by two brothers, Glak the Ravager and Ganto the Cleaver. They are led by the instinct to feed and to survive. A large ogre has been brought before Glak. He has been caught, bound and dragged and is now awaiting certain death to feed and sustain the Black Hand Goblins until they go out searching for their next meal. Glak’s strength lies in the fact that he is a strong leader with the ability to speak to many different races in many different tongues; the strength of his brother, Ganto, lies in his skills with his axe, Ganto loves the chase as well as the kill. These two brothers are more than savages; they are smart and cunning strategists. Standing before the bound ogre, Glak signals to his brother, it is up to Ganto to finish off the ogre and feed their band of hungry goblins. He sees the gesture of his brother and quickly goes in for the kill. The ogre has met his match. The revelry of the feast continues for two days, deep into the night of the full moon. The winds blow in, bringing with them the fresh smell of blood. Glak turns his head to the east towards Tempest Hall and sees that the light that is always burning has gone out. Ganto also notices the change in Tempest Hall, but for him this changes little, as he hunts just as well in the dark. Glak turns to his brother and smiles, a new era is dawning, an era where they, alongside Razhan Mol’s rule, will lead the new army.

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