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  • Product #: AN2696
  • Age Grade: 3 years +
  • Measurements: 3.5 x 2.75 x .75
  • Piece Count: 1


The donkey is part of the horse family and has been used for hundreds of years as a pack animal. They are called beasts of burden because for many years they have worked with humans to haul many things for long distances. A female donkey is called a jenny, the male is called a jack and similar to horses, young donkeys are called foals. When a donkey is bred with a horse their offspring are called mules. Donkeys make distinctive sounds, called brays, which can last up to 20 seconds and can be heard for over 1 mile (1.6 km). They defend themselves by biting, striking their front legs, or by kicking their hind legs. Donkeys have a long-standing reputation of being very stubborn, but once a connection of trust has been met they can be very dependable.


Diet Herbivores: Mostly Hay and Grass
Weight 180-1,060 lbs
Species Mammal
Group Name Herd
Natural Habitat
  1. Middle East
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