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Emperor Penguin

  • Product #: AN2602
  • Age Grade: 3 years +
  • Measurements: 1.625 x 3.5 x 1.5
  • Piece Count: 1


Emperor Penguins are the largest of all penguins. They cannot fly. They huddle together to escape the wind and conserve warmth since they live in a very harsh and cold environment. They take turns moving into the groups center where it is the warmest, and they will trade places once they have warmed up. They can dive deeper than any other bird (up to 1,850ft) and stay under for more than 20 minutes. Male emperor penguins keep the newly laid eggs warm, but they do not sit on them, as many other birds do. Males stand and protect their eggs from the elements by balancing them on their feet and covering them with feathered skin known as a brood pouch. During this two-month period of babysitting their eggs the males eat nothing and are at the mercy of the Antarctic elements.
Baby penguins: While they are eggs, they are under the protection of the male penguins for the first two months. They are kept warm by staying balanced on the male’s feet and by staying covered under their feathered skin, known as a breed pouch. Once they have hatched, it is the females who protect them. In the Antarctic summer, the ice begins to break and the chicks are just ready to swim and fish by themselves.


Diet Fish, Squid, Krill
Size 45 inches tall-3.75 feet
Weight Up to 88 lbs
Species Bird
Average Life Span 15-20 years
Group Name Colony
Protection Status Near Threatened
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