marine animals


  • Product #: AN2610
  • Age Grade: 3 years +
  • Measurements: 4.5 x 1.5 x 4
  • Piece Count: 1


The appendages of octopuses are called arms not tentacles. The biggest of all octopuses is the giant Pacific octopus. Octopi are rarely seen in groups of more than 2, and then are together for mating purposes only. They die soon after they breed; the females live just long enough to tend to their eggs, they do not eat during the brooding period. They have special pigments in their cells that allow them to change not only their colors but their textures as well. They can change to blend in with corals, plants and rocks. Their mouths are sharp and beaklike allowing them to puncture and tear flesh.


Diet Shrimps, clams, lobsters and fish
Size 9.75 - 16 feet
Weight 22-110 lbs
Species Invertebrate
Average Life Span 3 - 5 years
Group Name Not Available- rarely seen in groups
Protection Status Unknown
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