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  • Product #: BD2643
  • Age Grade: 3 years +
  • Measurements: 5 x 2 x 1
  • Piece Count: 1


They are the largest South American cats and they are now found only in remote parts of South and Central America. Jaguars are quite good swimmers, whereas other large cats avoid the water. Their spots are called rosettes because they are the shaped like roses. Sometimes they climb trees to prepare an ambush that allows them to kill their prey with one bite! In some traditions the Jaguar God of the Night was the formidable lord of the underworld.


Diet Carnivore: Fish, Turtles, Deer, Tapir, Calmans (small alligator-like animals)
Size Head and body, 5 - 6 feet, tall 27.5 - 36 inches
Weight 100-250 lbs
Species Mammal
Average Life Span 12-15 years
Group Name Prowl or Leap (Jaguars are mostly solitary animals)
Protection Status Near Threatened
Natural Habitat
  1. South America
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